Reflective Car Magnet               (5.5"H x 7.5"L)                                Reflective Car Decal                     (5.5"H x 6.25"L)                       $10

Our teen driver reflective car magnet or reflective car decal will help shield your newly licensed driver from road rage.


Did you know 7 teens are killed everyday in CAR CRASHES? 
Let's make sure their next trip is no accident. . .

Protect your teen driver with the effective, reflective magnet!

Guaranteed to repel raindrops and road rage

Well... really...  just the raindrops, but it's the best way we have discovered to protect your newly licensed teen driver from short-fused, frustrated, seasoned drivers and their road rage... both day and night! ! !

In all seriousness, driving can be dangerous. 

  • Protect your teen driver because: Everyday 7 teenagers die from motor vehicle injuries.  That's nearly 2600 potentially preventable deaths each year.
  • Protect your teen driver because: Teens, as newly licensed drivers, are 3 times more likely than adult drivers to be in a fatal crash.
  • Protect your teen driver because: Nearly 83% of teen drivers will be in a car crash.
  • Protect your teen driver because: More than 50% of teen drivers will have 2 crashes within the first 3 years of driving.    
  • Protect your teen driver because: Surprisingly, alcohol is not the main factor in teen accidents. 
  • Protect your teen driver because: 75% of teen traffic fatalities are due to driver error.
You should know:
There are other countries protecting newly licensed drivers & teen drivers by using a reflective car magnet or reflective car decal. 

Here are a few:
British Columbia-Canada
 Republic of Ireland
 Isle of Man
United Kingdom

We Magnetic Moms at TEENDRIVER Magnet want America to do the same. We want to shield America's newly licensed drivers from:

  • Road rage
  • Teen drivers' inexperience
  • Needless collisions 

By using our TEENDRIVER reflective car Magnet or Decal, teenagers will get the extra protection they need.

Make the extra protection available to    all teens in your area through our FUNDRAISING program.
For details, click on our

'Fundraising with Magnets'  

page today!

Make sure their trip is no accident.  Use the Teen Driver car magnet today!

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